About us

Editorial staff

When a new project lands, she starts flapping her wings. If there is something wrong, she’ll lay it out for you recto / verso. When she sees a white page, she shouts in bold type.
She has worked in the field of publishing for as long as she remembers: a French language specialist, she studied French language teaching in depth. She met Gloria in Bologna, and, in spite of her initial resistance, in 2007 together they founded Les Mots Libres editorial services.

Half human and half toolbar, world champion of sighting typos and acrobatic proofreading. When she corrects drafts, she really leaves her mark-up.
When she was a child, she fell into a book and she never found her way out. After attending the Faculty of Communication, she worked in Spain and she trained as an editor in Bologna. When Marilù and Gloria noticed her superpowers, they elected her “Queen of Les Mots Libres”.

She always has a (book) joint on her desk. Intruding bold types outright offend her, and she refuses to justify double-sided behaviors.
She was born in Buenos Aires and found out that saying it out loud gives her a certain authority. She attended the faculty of Philosophy in Bologna and realized that she could not have done otherwise. She likes to spin yarn and discovered that she can do the same with words. Since then, she has cut, sewed and arranged them without ever ceasing to enjoy it.

Graphic staff

She is not always self-centered, and if there is something wrong, she always finds the best resolution. When it gets cold, she puts on a jacket and lays out the covers.
She started laying out in a previous life and has never stopped since. A real Bologna native, she studied art and graphic design discovering that she likes them very much, but she will never admit it. On a rainy day, she met Marilù and together they founded Les Mots Libres, which in Bolognese dialect is pronounced Lemolè.

He turns everything he touches into pop art. If you put him in a cage, he might crop off your edges. His line spacing is perfect and he is always a little in overflow. If you add an errata corrige, he’ll bleed you out. Every year he turns 20.
After attending art school and the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, he went to New York where he met the “survival fauna” of Warhol’s Factory. He has showcased his works in several galleries in Italy and abroad. He absorbs everything that is coloured, but the only words printed on his ID card are: creative graphic designer.

A Gothic character to send chills down your spine. While he dotes on books fontly, look at him funny and he’ll delete you with a header.
Born in 1985, he does not know when he’ll die. While he waits to find out, he plans, lays out, edits, crops, reads, proofreads, studies, writes, fiddles and plays.


Authors, illustrators, language editors and advisors… Without them, Les Mots Libres would be a crippled page, which begins with a widow and ends with an orphan.

What we do

For over ten years, we have created books for Italy’s major educational publishing houses.
We specialise in foreign language books designed for schools, and course books for every level, focusing on Special Educational Needs (SEN) and inclusive teaching.

We cover all phases of the book production process, from the first contact with the authors to the final print file. We can find the authors most suited for any editorial project. We help to define the project and plan a schedule leading to delivery within the specified timeframe to make for the best possible result.

We write, translate, correct and re-write: give us a word and we shall move the world.

  • Drafting of the original texts, captions and teaching materials, bibliographies, indices
  • Editing, content redaction and revision
  • Proofreading
  • Linguistic translation and revision

Photos, pictures, texts, numbers and tables: how could you ever imagine them without the pages containing them?

  • Graphic design
  • Image search
  • Page layout
  • Creation of print files

Always as a team, because no-one can whistle a symphony alone.

  • Editorial design
  • Competitor analysis and editorial project evaluation
  • Scouting
  • Workflow coordination
  • Foreign language (Spanish, French, English) and Italian as second language (L2) professional consulting
  • Strategies for Special Educational Needs (SEN) and inclusive teaching