Do you have a project?

We publish a small number of books. We choose them carefully: before sending us your proposal or your portfolio, please read the following instructions.

Dear editor, I’m sending you something

At the moment, we are dealing with two book series: Alboom! – picture books, or rather, picturebooms! – and Vidas, which are biographical non-fiction illustrated novels. We are also planning an extension of our catalogue which will include other editorial genres: when you send us your proposal, we request you specify the book series in which you envisage it would be published, or, if it does not fit into either of the two existing collections, to define its genre.

Editorial rules… rule!

We look for original ideas, but be careful: an eccentric subject or a dishevelled narration do not spell originality. It is important to have, together with a good idea, a good mastery of the technique you choose to adopt.

Ideal (file) weight, size and extension

If you are an illustrator and you want to send us your portfolio, the file (if possible, in a single PDF) should ideally not exceed 5 Mb. All portfolios will be archived: we will contact you for a possible collaboration proposal.

‘I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date!’

Replying to everyone would be wonderful, but the ugly truth does not allow that. We evaluate all the proposals, but if you do not receive a reply within six months, it means that the project has not been accepted. However, we are very grateful to you for having sent it to us.

If you got here without skipping the previous lines…

You can send your publication proposal, your project and your portfolio to:

Thank you.