Who we are

(or rather, who we think we are)

There is no identity without fiction: telling you who we are would be a form of lying, and we’d rather not begin with a lie. The fictions we want to offer our readers are quite the opposite – they tell a bit of truth.

However, there is one thing we can assert: who we think we are.

It doesn’t get any more sincere than this, so enjoy the moment.

Firstly, let’s get one thing out of the way:

Les Mots Libres edizioni is an independent publishing house founded in Bologna in 2016.

This is for those people who (say that) they do not have time. It is short, but also true, and it had to be said in any case.

But we are not satisfied.

For the less hasty, the story might continue as follows:

There are mandatory words,
there are ordinary words,
and then there are our words. Free words.

These words are free, because they are not enforced. Free words are neither random nor naïve, they are a commitment to be there. They are a responsibility, that is, our response-ability, being able to defend our words: this is our freedom.

Our eyes will not be satisfied with only words. Pictures and colours delight and complete the visual emotion: sometimes they dialogue with the text, either to silence or give way to it.

Moreover, you, dear reader, will worm your way around the signs in order to interpret their meanings. You will sink deep into the sheets of paper to emerge on the last page with something more (that is who we think we are).

With these words and dedication, our books take shape. We hope you, dear reader, enjoy it.