Federica Iacobelli

Federica Iacobelli was born in Rome and raised in Naples. Today she lives in Bologna. She teaches screenwriting at ISIA (Superior Institute for Art Industries) in Urbino and writes documentary movies for the theatre and for Antenna International. As a dramatist, she collaborates with “Catarsi Passeggere” (“Temporary Catharsis”) together with Marinella Manicardi. When she worked for RAI (Italian Radiotelevision), she was a member of the team of authors of the popular children’s program L’Albero azzurro (The Blue Tree) and screenwriter of some episodes of the cartoon, Art with Matì and Dadà.
Among her published books: Uno studio tutto per sé (A study on its own) (Motta Junior, Pippi Prize writers for children 2008), the theatrical monologue Il était de mai, part of the anthology Théâtre en court 4 (Les Editions Théâtrales 2009, translated by Olivier Martinaud and Eleonora Ribis), La città è una nave (The city is a ship), which is part of the collection of childhood autobiographies “Gli anni in tasca” (Topipittori 2011), and the novel Storia di Carla (Carla’s story), belonging to the collection “I chiodi” (“The spikes”) directed by Matteo Marchesini (Pendragon 2015).