(Leonardo Torchi)

Leonard (Leonardo Torchi) was born in Bologna and attended the School of Art and the Academy of Fine Arts. In New York he met the “survival fauna” of Warhol’s Factory. Constantly moving between Italy and the rest of the world, Leonard has an innate passion for pop art and absorbs everything that is coloured, multiform and contemporary.
Since 1993 he has exhibited his works in many Italian galleries and abroad and he has dealt with graphics for books, magazines and multimedia applications.
Among the exhibitions: R. Rich in New York, Art for Pordenone, Facciamo le scarpe all’Aids (Double-crossing Aids) at the Gallery of Modern Art in Bologna, his participation at Erotica ’94, Cage in the space of Les Mots Libres, Leonhard at the Studio Cavalieri, the organization L’arte per la solidarietà (Art for solidarity) at the Johns Hopkins University, Hybrids in Poland. He has worked together with stylists for the realization of painted garments, and his works have appeared in magazines, catalogues and art books.