Among frogs which sing in 16 bit, monkeys that jump from one branch to another throwing mangos, and birds-of-paradise hiding among the Colombian orchids, Canizales, when he was a child, listened to the stories told by the ancient spirits of the forest, in the shade of a Guava tree or with the sound of his house creaking in the night. These stories were so exciting that when he was at school, he pretended to take notes, while really he filled the pages of his notebook with the adventures of those magical creatures. The professors gave up on him and Canizales ended up studying fine arts and fine (and bad) words. His stories were so uncontainable that they started to appear on the newspapers as comic strips, and on television as animated short films, besides being exhibited as pictures on the walls of some galleries.
The noise of his hometown Cali was so loud that Canizales decided to move to an island, on the other side of the world, so that he could concentrate and allow his characters to live in the books he created for them. It is precisely in Maiorca that the green Witch started walking until she won Canizales the Apila opera prima prize in 2016.
Bruno the frog did not want to be outdone and won the Boolino prize for Canizales, still in 2016. Today Canizales is very happy to continue writing books and he still listens to stories of the forest and the night, but not only: he also listens to the stories of the cosmetic surgery operating rooms, of the school yards, of the libraries, of the credit card advertisements. He will also listen to the stories you want to tell him, if you write to